Searching for a sneaker based off your favorite fictional character? Look no further! This customizing option will feature a complete colorway redesign based on the aesthetic of the selected character. A small portrait of the character will be featured on the back heel tab and to top it off, the sneakers will have laces that match the colorway. 


Base Shoe: Nike Air Force 1


What's Included:

- Nike Air Force 1

- Art Work

- Matching Laces 

Nike Air Force 1 - Character Colorway

  • Inspired by the natural world, this early Bowerman prototype is updated with plant-based dyes and a construction that features at least 20% recycled materials by weight. The cork-infused Waffle outsole and wide cork heel clip root you to the earth while keeping you connected to the retro track look you love. The upper is made from 100% recycled canvas.