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  • Is it possible to get custom shoes made?
    Looking for custom shoes? You've come to the right place! Skinz Time, lead by artist, Johnny, is the premier custom sneaker design experience. Based in New York, Johnny has provided thousands of clients with top notch service for over a decade. To get in touch, send an email to, or fill out the Inquiry Form.
  • How much does it cost to get custom shoes made?
    My custom sneakers range from $175 for color swaps, to up to $1500 for elaborate and detailed character work. Pricing scales based on complexity and the amount of detail included in the pair. Adding additional characters, landscapes, complex logos, or realistic portrait work will increase the price. You can see a general pricing guide here, or fill out a form to inquire about an estimate. Please also note that many of the prices DO NOT include the price of the base shoes.
  • How long does it take to get custom shoes made?
    To ensure your shoes are up to my quality standards, my typical turnaround is 4 - 6 weeks from the initial order date. Projects are placed into a queue in the order they are received, and are worked on when previous orders are completed. It is typical to not have any progress on a project for up to 2 - 3 weeks while existing orders are tended to. If you need the project completed by a certain date, notice has to be given before the project is started, to ensure the work can be done in time. Please note that turnaround time DOES NOT include shipping. I can only guarantee a SHIP BY date and have no control over the delivery once it is in the hands of the shipping service.
  • Explain the ordering process
  • How do you make custom shoes last?
    In addition to spending hours prepping your shoes for paint, additional time is spent upon completion of the design to ensure the utmost longevity of the art work. When the design is finished, the shoes are covered with a sealant and then a waterproofing spray is added on top, making your shoes as durable as possible and able to withstand the elements. Please keep in mind that these are hand-painted and not indestructible. Treat your sneakers like a work of art and the design will last the lifetime of the shoes.
  • Can you teach me how to paint shoes?
    If you have a specific question, ask away! If you want general tips or where to start, I am available for video consultation that will help you begin the process of becoming a sneaker artist. Lessons I am available to teach: How to Get Started Painting Sneakers General Airbrush Techniques Prep Work & Proper Methods
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